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Hyzi International Education is founded by Ivy League alumna, who carries a mission of encouraging intellectual curiosity and ambitious, promoting open-minded and forward looking mentality for children and young people, in order to create a better global community.

We provide tailored professional consulting services to secondary schools, college and universities in Europe, USA and Asia. We support customers to build school partnerships and setting up exchange programs so that students can take oversea study opportunities in different regions. .

As the world is more than ever economically, ecologically, intellectually and culturally interdependent, students have growing appetite for study abroad opportunities. It became essential for students to develop international business and cultural acumen, which benefit them in long term. Schools capable of providing international study opportunities are strongly recommended by students and parents.

The 5 key benefits we deliver to customers are: Diversified Education Programs; Reputations both Domestically and Internationally; Satisfactions of Schools, Parents and Students; Growth of Students’ International Competencies; Cost and Time Efficiency in Managing Exchange Programs.