Hyzi International Education provides services to help children to choose and apply to international boarding schools, as well as to settle in a new country. According to students’ development needs and long-term study goals, we help them to design a study plan and select the right boarding school from dozens, even hundreds of schools. Our goal is to develop international competencies for the future global leaders.

We help you to select schools from UK, USA, Switzerland, France, Germany, China and Japan. Please refer to each country’s introduction below for details.

How do we select from dozens even hundreds of schools, which provide different education systems, facilities and regulations? To select the right school, we make sure that students can maximize their growth potentials, in terms of their living, studies, languages, arts, sports, societies, cultures and other aspects. We value the following criteria.



USA Boarding Schools

In USA, no matter what dreams students have, president, astronaut or cleaner, teachers response as “great, do not give up your dreams!” USA education system emphasizes on developing students’ creativity….