Why Choose Us?

“When you are tired of London, you are tired of your life” El Samuel Johnson.

London, England, is a place where you can experience all kinds of culture, art, fashion and academics. No matter what you are looking for, theatre, operas, fashion shows, football games, the Changing of the Guard ceremony, or visiting street performances and flea markets, London won’t disappoint you.

The 3weeks course is conducted by experienced teachers, as well as having interaction with local families and youth. Hence, within a short term, there will be significant improvement in your children’s writing, conversation, vocabulary and other cultural aspects.

During 3 weeks, students will enjoy the facilities, resources, cultures and languages in London. They live in Hyzi Family House, which is 45minutes away from London, locating nearby sunny beaches and green forests. We create the best learning environment for students and take the advantage of close access to theCity. On top of that students will visit London, Brighton, Portsmouth, Cambridge and Oxford Universities during afternoons and weekend.

The trip is well organized and secured. Youth counsellorsare normally English people that students can use English every day to learn authentic language and culture. Chinese consolers will join the groups occasionally. All consolers are strictly selected and well trained.

UK CP Language group

Program Features:

  1. Individualized services. Maximum 15 students per term.
  2. Three weeks, 20 classes per week, 45 minutes per class, conversational hours in some afternoons.
  3. Free language test.
  4. Interact with local family and young people.
  5. Free Hyzi International Competency Training (HICT) and culture workshops.
  6. Open to 10-20 years old children from June to Aug each year.
  7. Multiple experiences of interest development, travel, making friends, and learning.

UK CP Language Joggers