Why Choose Us?

Why does the Canadian Educationist Bob Steele suggest that children should draw every day? This is because drawing can not only cultivate imaginations and observations, but also develop logic thinking, innovation, intelligence, sense and cognitive abilities.

As the Paradise of Art, Paris attracts millions of art appreciators every year. You find world famous institutions, galleries and museums. Our program differs from traditional programs that emphasize developing drawing skills, we put more focus on teaching children in artistic appreciation, creativity and the ability of expression.

Outside of classroom, students will sightsee in Paris and Switzerland, which has a reputation of “Garden of the World”. They will visit the Alps Mountains, ETE, the world leading technology and engineering institution. They will experience French and Swiss cultures: such as perfumes, wines productions, arts, watches makings, chocolates, cheese fondues, etc.

All courses are conducted in English, even during break time. Hence, the students will improve their English proficiency, by involving themselves in an English environment.

The trip is well organized and secured. Youth camp consolers are strictly selected and well trained. They know Europe very well from life experience. This enable them to share with student about the local culture and languages. It inspires students with long-term learning interest.


Program Features:

  1. Individualized services. Maximum 15 students per term.
  2. Experienced instructors to develop potentials.
  3. No previous training experience required. Students will be in different groups.
  4. Interact with local family and young people to learn about local cultures.
  5. Free Hyzi International Competency Training (HICT) and culture workshops.
  6. Open to 12-17 years old children from June to August each year.
  7. Multiple experiences of interest development, travel, making friends, and learning.