Why choose us?

New York is one of the most influential cultural and economic centres in the world. It is a nexus for commerce, finance, global cultural interaction, the arts, and world-class academics.

Over the course of 3 weeks, students will maximize their experiences in New York. They will enjoy cosmopolitan attractions, academic resources, and culture and languages of New York. Students live in the Hyzi Family House, which is 45minutes away from New York, nearby sunny beaches and green forests. We create the best learning environment for students and take the advantage of close access to New York City.

The course is individually designed according to each student’s language level and learning goals. Learning from senior teachers and sharing with local young people will help students to develop both academic and conversation English skills.

Visit Ivy League universities, such as Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Cornell, etc. Students have opportunities to talk to the University students, to fully understand the life in that school, application process and admission requirements.

The trip is well organized and secured. Youth counsellors are normally American that students use English every day to learn authentic language and culture. All counsellors are strictly selected and well trained.


Program Features:

  1. Individualized services. Maximum 15 students per term.
  2. Three weeks, 20 classes per week, 45 minutes per class, conversational hours in some afternoons.
  3. Free language test.
  4. Interact with local family and young people.
  5. Free Hyzi International Competency Training (HICT) and culture workshops.
  6. Open to 10-20 years old children from June to August each year.
  7. Multiple experiences of interest, development, travel, making friends, and learning.

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