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International Competency Development

International Competency Development Course aims to stimulate cultural curiosity and creativity by introducing different norms and customs from other regions. Students learn how to manage changes in different culture setups and be able to build international strengths in the long term. It contains 3 fundamental aspects:

First, developing cross cultural competency. Students will learn different values, philosophies and cultures from other regions. As a result, they can understand the behaviors and norms of people from different culture background, and collaborate efficiently in a diversified study or career environment.

Second, change management workshop. Studying abroad in another country is challenge because students have to handle a lot of changes in every aspects of life. Change management workshop will teach students how to make changes in an effective and constructive way.

Third, high school and university students will participate in international career development workshop, which will fully prepare them to explore internship and career opportunities during and beyond the exchange study program.