The quality of Swiss education and scientific research are top ranked internationally. Education is highly valued that Federal spends a lot of money every year in education that it enjoys low price and high quality reputation internationally.

 Swiss university education tuition is relatively cheaper, because it greatly depends on national public expenses. Four languages are used in undergrad education German, French, English and Italian. Most Master programs are available in English. There are many choices of universities, colleges and technical schools, as well as two Federal Institute of Technology Colleges, locating in Zurich ad Lausanne. They are the world leaders in science and engineering fields.

Switzerland also has the world’s best and most expensive private boarding schools, from kindergartens to college (4-18 years old, 60,000-100,000 Swiss franc per year). Children can learn at least two foreign languages: English, French, German and Italian. The number of students is relatively small (80-350 students) and high teacher-pupil ratio. In addition, Swiss public security and safety are very good. It has high level of social trust. Most of the campuses locate near to the Alps Mountains or lakeside, which is a good learning environment for students.