French education systems began to reform and develop since the 17th centuries. In the 20th century, the focus on development based on Cartesian logic and rational thinking has been the principle of education. The system is strict and well-managed, especially put high expectation on Normal Education. After finishing primary schools, students aged of 11-12 begin to study in junior high schools until age of 15 (Grade 6-3). Age of 16-18, children start senior high schools (Grade 2-1 or graduation class). International schools use a common system of grades, such as junior school of Grade 6th – 10th whereas the senior high school of Grade 11th – 12th and graduation classes.

At international boarding school, junior high school students can choose either IGCSE or IB foundation/preparatory course in order to make preparation for international senior high school. For senior high school, IB, A-Level course and baccalauréat (local university entry examination) are provided. These courses are accepted by international universities.

There are three benefits to choose international boarding schools in France. The first is to learn French as another foreign language. Due to globalization, it gets more and more important to learn more than one foreign language. Secondly, the expense is comparatively lower than other Europe countries’. International course costs about 25,000 to 38,000 Euros per year. Lastly, French Education focuses on developing arts and music potentials. These are helpful to long-term academic and career development.