After hundreds years of history, education system in UK is considered as completed and high standard. UK has the oldest higher institutions in the world. Oxford and Cambridge universities were founded in 12th and 13th centuries, from which many well-known talented scientists and politicians graduated. The Elite Russell University Alliance (The Russel Group) is well-known as “UK Ivy League”. Its members include University of Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial College and other 24 British elite.

UK provides compulsory education from the age 5 – 16 years old (5-11 years old of primary education, 11 -16 years old of lower secondary education, 16-18 upper secondary education). Special names are commonly used for: Grade 9 “Shell” (age 13-14), Grade 10 ‘Remove’ (aged 14-15), Fifth form – (age 15-16), Sixth Form –(age 16+).

Private schools provide IB, A-Level and IGCSE programs. Junior high school students are allowed to take IGCSE or IB foundation/preparatory educations (11-15 years old). Senior high school (16-18 years old) are provided with IB, A-Level courses and examinations, as well as able to attend UK graduation examination, in order to receive a general education advance certificate. The expenses are about 28,000 to 35,000 Pounds per year.